Automatic Craigslist Phone Verification Feature
Fully Automated Phone Verification

CLAD Genius now brings even more power to our users with the amazing PVA Pro feature. Fully integrated into our software to give you absolute control for phone verifying and re-verifying CL accounts while you post. As Craigslist continues to make further changes to various cities and categories of their site for how the posting process works, some areas now require that you phone verify or re-verify accounts during the posting process. From our perspective this can be a blockade to getting ads live along with a huge cost on time and effort. No longer do you have to be concerned with this minor attempt to stop you from posting and take advantage of the PVA Pro feature to create a PVA account whenever it is required to post on Craigslist.

How PVA Pro Works

Using various 3rd party services and forging them together allows you to take advantage of the phone verified account creation process. Whenever CLAD Genius software is asked for a phone verification or to re-verify a CL account, we use a list of phone numbers (purchased separately, phone numbers not included with CLAD Genius) that you import and bind to specific non PVA accounts. Then when Craigslist sends the Authorization Code to the specified phone number it is then forward and processed by a voice recognition company and sent back to CLAD Genius to complete the process.

Usage Requirements

The PVA Pro development provides the core functionality of creation, verification, and re-verification of Craigslist PVA's. There are additional 3rd party services you will need to successfully automate the process and they are required. These additional items are needed the harness the power of PVA Pro:

  • CLAD Genius Pro or Lite Version
  • Forwardable Phone Numbers - Phone numbers range between $2.50 and $5.00 each, depending on the provider.

  • OPTION 1
  • Google Voice - Free for incoming number and unlimited voice to text recognition.
  • Results: 50% accuracy, cost = free

    OPTION 2
  • Skype Account - Free for all users, just download Skype and create your account.
  • Skype Paid Phone Number - A single incoming Skype phone number for 3 months costs $18.00.
  • PhoneTag Account - Automated verification using PhoneTag service ( ).
  • Results: 90% accuracy, cost = $0.35 per recognition or $30 per month

    OPTION 3
  • Vonage Plan - Vonage account with plan that includes transcribed e-mail messages.
  • Results: ???, cost = price of Vonage plan with above features.

Setup Instructions

Full Setup Guide Here


The PVA Pro feature is included absolutely free when you purchase your copy of CLAD Genius. Please make sure to review all the details above before purchasing to make sure that you understand that this is a powerful feature that requires 3rd party services to function properly.

The CLAD Genius software has the feature to automatically verify and re-verify Craigslist accounts by phone using phone numbers and / or phone codes. We do not offer or sell phone numbers or phone codes. It is the end users responsibility to properly research a 3rd party solution for either of these services if they choose to use this feature.

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